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Quartz Hill Olive Oil is a premium extra virgin olive oil, grown and blended to produce exceptional oil for the gourmet market. Quartz Hill's olive grove is located in central Victoria in the rocky quartz soil in the Malmsbury Reservoir valley. This is a select oil, featuring fresh hints of grassiness, with a pleasant peppery aftertaste. Like the rich, intense reds of central Victoria, Quartz Hill bursts with flavour.

Oil from Frantoio, Leccino, Arbequina and Picual olives combine to provide the rich gold colour and outstanding flavour of this low volume label. Aside from the unique blend of olive varieties, other key factors adding quality and flavour are the climate in the Malmsbury valley - hot summers and near-freezing winters, with early hand-harvest of the best low-yielding but flavourful olives, and of course same-day, cold single pressing.
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